Our Policy here at St Lawrence Holiday Park is to take positive and active steps in responding to the conservation needs of the Park and its surrounding area; whilst at the same time maintaining the balance with business requirements of a clean and well-tended, visually-aesthetic environment for you to enjoy during your stay with us, both for now and in future years.
Wherever possible, with the active collaboration of our neighbours, we shall purposefully maintain natural bankings, and other areas, to be supportive environments for all forms of local plants, animals, birds and insects.

Your Part: - You are of course welcome to enjoy the natural environment within and around the Park, and we ask you to work with us in partnership and to help us maintain our environment during your stay.

You can do this by :-
1. Using the recycling Bins for Cans/Foil, Paper & Cardboard, Glass (green/brown/clear) Situated by the St Lawrence Garage entrance.
2. Watering small trees, shrubs & plants near your pitch with cool grey water from your caravan
3. Observing and noting any unusual flora & fauna in the area so that we may build up a log of seasonal habitats and visiting species, and make everyone more aware of the environment.
4. Observing and noting anything to help prevent anyone damaging the park environment.
5. Taking any necessary steps to help prevent anyone damaging the park environment.

Without stressing too much on the RULES of the COUNTRYSIDE (which must be followed in any case) you are requested to remind those in your charge :-
Not to pick, or damage, the wildflowers, plants or trees.
Not to litter anywhere in or around the Park.
Not to allow your dog to foul anywhere in the Park or the surrounding thoroughfares ‘accidents’ must be cleaned up by the owners immediately & please use the Fido bins provided.
Not to trespass on the land near the Park.
Finally, For safety reasons and to avoid further erosion please do not allow anyone to dig into the saltmarsh adjoining the Beach

Actions Completed 1995 - 2017

This Environmental Code Introduced
Low-energy lamps installed to replace tungsten lamps, where practicable.
More wildflower seed sown and bird/insect attracting shrubs planted.
A number of Bird & Bat nesting boxes were introduced.
We started a listing of flora and fauna in the area, as a point of interest.
We have achieved a Silver standard David Bellamy Environmental Award 1998 & 1999 a Bronze in 1997,2001, 2003.
Area adjacent to wade allowed to grow wild to help local wildlife thrive.
More low level lighting to reduce light intrusion.
New Buddleia areas planted with special bushes from David Bellamy to help butterflies breed
New planting of bushes and shrubs to screen refuse bin areas.
Recycling of waste paper and cardboard.
Recycling of glass
Garden competition to encourage planting of flowers and other fauna to keep insects and bees etc a source of food and pollen.


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