1. The caravan park fee is for a 12 month period from the 1st February to 31st January each year. Caravans may be occupied for weekend and holiday purposes only during the period 1st weekend in March to the 5th of January, and for the storage of domestic furniture only during the remainder of the 12 month period mentioned above.

You cannot use this as your main residence. We are a Holiday Park and therefore the unit can only be used for holiday purposes. Proof of a UK address must be supplied at time of purchase, and when the Park Owners request it.

2. No Caravan or Twin Unit shall be sub - licensed for gain.

3. The 5 MPH. speed limit must not be exceeded. Failure to comply might result in your barrier tags being turned off for a period of time.

4. Under no circumstances must sink waste, sewerage or other noxious matter be placed in any of the ditches or streams on or adjacent to the Park.This is in breach of the EA regulations and UK Government Law.

5. All main roadways on the Park must be kept clear of parked vehicles, to allow the free access of the emergency services.

6 The area beneath and around the caravans must be kept free from all rubbish, refuse and other noxious matters. Boats, cars, bikes etc must not be left by your caravans, said items will, after the usual notification to move, be removed from the Park, and the responsibility of the safety of the unit or securing device will down to the watercraft/vehicle owner. The removed watercraft/vehicle will be left in the public carpark for collection. The chain or wheel locks will be removed and left with the units in the carpark. The park accepts NO responsibility for damage or theft of the watercraft/vehicle. These are conditions stipulated on our planning permission and Site Licence.

7. All caravans must dispose of their rubbish in the bins provided. There are Glass and paper/cardboard bins behind office for recycling purposes.This is to assist in our reducing our green footprint.

8. Dogs are ONLY permitted on the Park if they are kept in the caravan or on a lead at all times, and NO dog must be allowed to roam unattended. No dogs are allowed on the beach during the November March period due to it being a Habitats Directive Area. The gate to the seawall will be locked during this period. This is to avoid the possible spread of Toxicara from dog fouling.

9. Because there are now a large number of electric cables, water and sewage pipes underground, No fencing, stakes, TV aerial posts, or ground anchors may be driven into the ground without the prior permission of the Park Owners.

10.The only type of fence allowed is a picket style panel and no higher than 1m.

11. SHEDS: Only ONE shed per pitch is allowed and from the 1st January 2003, ALL sheds or storage boxes are to be of a non - combustible material, and no larger than 6’x 5’, and no closer than 3.5m from any caravan as per the latest Model Standards/Fire Regulations .

12. Acceptance by the Company of the Park Licence does not guarantee the applicant a specific plot on the Park. The Company reserves the right to move caravans to other positions if and when deemed necessary by or on behalf of the company in its absolute discretion.

13. The Company accepts no responsibility for caravans, vehicles and other properties which are brought onto the Park. The Caravan Park roads' come under the Road Traffic Act 1991 therefore ALL motorised vehicles, caravans and watercraft must have at least 3rd Party Insurance, and all motorcyclists must wear crash helmets. All mopeds & small ATV's are banned from the Park.

14. All caravans must be insured. Either with the Park Policy with Jardine Lloyd Thompson Thistle Insurance Services or privately, a current 12 month policy document is to be supplied to the Office by 1st November each year minimum cover on structures must be £9,000.00, Contents £2,000. and there is a levy of £50 + Vat charged for opt out.

15. There is an 8 Knot speed limit 25O yards from high water mark (approx to the red boat), and NO PARKING on the Beach. This is due to the River Blackwater being a SSSI, Ramsar & CPA area. It is also a condition of Natural England.

16. Neither the company nor its servants or agents or officers shall be responsible to any of the caravan or chalet owners or his licensees, servants, agents of other persons in the caravan or chalet or calling on a caravan or chalet owner for any accident happening or injury suffered or damage to or loss of any chattel or property not caused by the negligence of the Company its servants or agents.

17. No licensee shall do anything which shall cause annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance to the Company its servants, agents, officers or to the occupiers or licensees of any other caravan(s) or chalet(s) in the Park and shall not allow, permit or suffer anything to be done which might cause any such annoyance, inconvenience or disturbance and shall comply with all reasonable requests made in this regard by the Company its servants or agents.

18. ALL 3 rd Party Contractors must be registered as a member or work for a company that is a registered member with their Industry bodies, carry the correct insurance for their work and public liability when on park, and produce such when requested.

19. Hot tubs/ Spas. Due to the rise in Legionella associated with these, we request that everyone who has one fixed or temporary follows Guidance Document HSG274 Part 2 ;- ( a daily check on the Chlorine/Bromine PH levels, Microbiological sampling and results available to the Park office when requested, Checks on TDS, and logs of when the filter cartridge was changed/cleaned, some of these are on a multi daily basis some weekly/monthly) This is to reduce the possibility of airborne drift of the bacteria.

Our after-sales service and complaints procedure

You are legally entitled to expect that your caravan holiday home is of satisfactory quality and conforms with the description of it in the Purchase Agreement. If you have any concerns about your holiday home, please tell us and we will try to resolve your concern.

Your first point of contact should be Mr Mick Jackson. 01621779434.

Please submit any complaints in writing to the office and they will be dealt with fully and a written reply will sent out once everything has been investigated.

Use of your holiday home

We are confident that you will enjoy using your caravan holiday home for your holidays at our park. It is very important to understand that your holiday home may not be used as your main residence. We have provided a more detailed explanation of what holiday use means Point 1 - please read it carefully.

Hiring out your home

The Purchase Agreement and the Licence Agreement record that hiring out of your holiday home is not permitted here at St Lawrence Caravans Ltd . Your caravan holiday home, may only be used for holidays by you, your family and friends and not in return for payment.

The Company reserves the right to dispose of way by sale or otherwise any caravan left on the Company's premises by the owner after 28 days have elapsed from the date of written notice given by the Company to the owner at the last known address given to the Company requiring removal of such caravan or 28 days after the owner has given the company notice of his intention to remove his caravan and has failed to remove the same within that period


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